Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


     Parents sometimes force students to study and make them feel bad about studying in many ways. However, regardless of that, parents are the best teachers for the following three reasons that they could provide us better advices and they know our characteristics very well. They could also direct us on the right way.


     First, parents usually give us better advices because they care us so much. If we compare our parents with teachers in academy, for example, parents surely care us better and that makes parents give more efficient suggestions. They always try to make us to be better and we should follow those advices to improve ourselves in our life.


     Second, parents know about us better than anyone who teaches us. Do you know why?? Since parents and us lived longer than anyone else, they know our personalities very well. We could get lots of advantages from our parents. They could easily tell us what is right or wrong and what we did wrong and right. They also know what we don’t like and what we do like. Therefore, they can do a lot of things for us than anyone.


     Since they know well about us and care us better, they could encourage us and put us on the right track more efficiently. We know that some parents are sometimes very angry and yell at you. Yet, that is because parents love you and that means they care about you better than anyone else in the world. Hence, we should listen to them and they are the best teachers.


     To conclude, some people think that it is not necessarily parents are the best teachers. Despite that, I think parents are the best teachers because they could offer us more advices, they know about us better than anyone else. The last reason is because they could directly encourage us and direct us on the right way.


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