Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


     In these days, food is getter easier to prepare and it has improved people’s life a lot better. Some people might say it hasn’t really improved their life but I would say it has because it reduced our efforts on cooking and we could plan other activities to do. Also, we can try various kinds of food.


     First, preparing food easily allowed us to put little efforts on cooking. In the past, it took quite much time to get food or cook in comparison to these days. Nowadays, we could purchase food very quickly and comfortably in supermarket. In addition, there are more convenient cookers that helped us to save our time on cooking. In this case, easier food preparation has improved the way people live.


     Another reason is because if we save our time on cooking, we could plan other activities to do. For example, we could exercise to build our bodies or play basketball with friends. Since, people don’t have to put as much as time on cooking as before, we could plan these things that improve our health. In another words, we could spend more time on things that we think are beneficial. Hence, with easier food preparation, the way people live has been greatly improved.


     The last reason is that by putting little time on cooking, we could take opportunities to taste various kinds of food. For instance, if it had taken so much time on cooking, we must have cooked just a little amount of food. However, since easier food preparation allowed us to put short time on cooking, we could try more food. Furthermore, we could get more nutritious food by cooking lots of food. This, lastly, is the reason why easier food preparation has improved our life better.


     To conclude, food is getting easier to prepare and that offered us lots of advantages such as it allowed us to put little efforts on cooking, it provided such chances to play other activities, and we could try diverse food that improve both our health and life.


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