Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


     If you were asked to live in a big city or small town, where would you live? Well, some people would want to live in a small town because the environment is very clean there and we can be more friendly to people in that town. This tells us that living in a small town is quite beneficial. However, there are three reasons why I think living in a big city is more effective as follow:


     First, if we live in a big city, we can have more chance of getting developed and advanced knowledge. On the other hand, in a small town, there is limited range of education that we can obtain from. Moreover, There are many students in city so we could feel more competitive and can study harder than in a small town. Although education is not the one that is the most important thing in our life, it is still very important for us because we use knowledge through our lifetime.


     Another reason is that we can meet more people in city so we can adapt to society more easily. For example, when we meet people, we try to know each other such as what kind of characteristics they have. By knowing a lot of people and having lots of friends in city can help us when we are grown up. We can easily know how society works and what we should do to survive in city by talking to people in city. Therefore, living in a big city can help us a lot in our life.


     As to the last point, since we have more chances of advanced education in a big city, we can also have more opportunities of getting a job. Getting a job is very important in our life and in a big city, we usually have more places where we can work such as companies, factories, and universities, of course, to be professors. In a small town, however, this is not guaranteed that much.


     To conclude, many people say that there are many advantages of living in a small town such as people are more friendly because there are not many people and environment is not as polluted as in city, as mentioned. Yet, since I think we can learn better in city, we can meet more people and can adapt to society easily, and we also can have more opportunities of getting a job in a big city, living in a large city is more beneficial than living in a small town.


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