Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Give specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.


     In this world, there are significant numbers of jobs that people have. There are also many important aspects of a job that people think. Some people would strongly say money is the most important aspect of a job. If we don’t have money, we can’t afford anything, as a result. This tells us how important money is as one of the aspects of a job. However, for the following three reasons: happiness while working is more important, if we can’t afford to do things that we want to do because of a job, that is not beneficial, and we call a good job when we enjoy them, I think money is not the most crucial aspect of a job.


     To begin with, we can’t deny the fact that people work to earn money and money is considered as an essential thing in their life. Nevertheless, do you think people would work for just money? It will be probably no. In fact, people should be happy about their jobs and they should also be proud of their jobs while working. This is a true job. In addition, if they are happy about their jobs, the productivity of work will surely improve.


     As to the second point, many people work very hard and earn lots of money. They think this is just the only thing what they are supposed to do. Despite that, if people can’t afford to spend their free time while working, it is just a pain for them. How can people just earn money and not have enough time for their own time? At this point of view, the work productivity will definitely decrease and people can get so much stress later on. People certainly need to rest and spend their time freely sometimes.


     Continuing to the last point, people call a good job when they like them and enjoy them. Although well-paid jobs are very important, jobs which people can enjoy will be considered as more important. If they don’t enjoy our jobs, they can easily get bored on their jobs. People can efficiently work harder if they actually enjoy jobs. Earning money is just a part of a job but enjoying them is a whole important part of jobs because people won’t be able to earn money if they quit the job because they got bored on it.


     To conclude, earning money is considered very important because without money, we can’t do anything, as mentioned. Nonetheless, for the previous three reasons: happiness should be considered first, it will be a pain for people if they can’t afford their free time because of a job, and enjoying is more significant than just earning money, I strongly insist that money is not quite the most important aspect of a job.


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