Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


     If people are asked question that asks whether we would prefer eating at restaurant or at home, they might many different opinions. Some people would strongly insist that it is better to eat at restaurant than at home. We can try various kinds of food. This illustrates that there’s also a great advantage of eating at restaurant or outside. However, for the following three reasons: we can eat healthy food if we eat at home, we should pay lots of money if we eat out, and it will steal a lot of time from us,  I think eating at home is more benefical for us.


     To start with, if we prepare food and eat at home, we can eat healthy food. As you all know, Some restaurants use bad ingredients when cooking, and they might put lots of bad things in a food. This can really hurt our bodies. We all know that this is very detrimental for people. Hence, It is better to prepare food ourselves at home to eat more healthy food.


     As to the second point, we spend lots of money if we go out and eat. For example, if today is my friend’s birthday, and if I plan to buy dinner for my friend at restaurant, it will take from me a lot of money. If we prepare food at home, one the other hand, we can easily minimize our spendings and maximize the taste and we can actually enjoy them. It is very important for us to spend minimum amount of money with producing the best quality and taste. Therefore, I prefer eating at home to at restaurant.


     Continuing to the last point, we can save much time by preparing food at home. In a restaurant or outside, it tends to take so much time from us. We always have to wait for the food to come out. We sometimes complain because our food comes out late. Nevertheless, we could rather use our time on doing other activities. It is really pity for us to spend so much time at restaurant just for eating. We should be able to classify whether eating at restaurant is really beneficial for us or not.


     Now to conclude, many people say that eating at restaurant helps us to try diverse food and could provide chances of adjusting to various kinds of food, as mentioned. Nonetheless, since preparing food at home is more helpful for us because we can eat more healthy food, it doesn’t necessarily make us to spend lots of money, and it saves our time, I would definitely say that eating at home is more advantageous for us than eating at food stands or restaurants.


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