People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer.


     Work is one of the essential things that we must do through our lifetime. We can say that we work because of the money. However, there are more other reasons why we work. We work in order to know how to get through the harsh life with other people, get honor from other people, and feel achievement through their work.


     To begin with, when we work, we usually meet other people and co-operate with each other. At this point, we sometimes become a supporter of someone. This can help people to get through the strict life. We also can know how to work together effectively and can adapt to the modern world more easily by doing work together. This is the first reason why people work.

     As to the second reason, many people who are in a high position in terms of status want to get honor and respect from other people. It is an instinct of what people do. To exemplify, supposing that your friend is in high position in a company. He or she might want to lead people in a company and want them to follow him. Moreover, he or she might want to be recognized as a good boss. Via work, people can have this hope and feel confident about themselves once they are acknowledged. 

     The very last reason why people work can be explained that people work because they want to feel achievement about what they have desired. As for me, student, the primary job is to study. When I’m finished studying, it feels like I have nothing to worry about and I feel proud of myself. Like this, for many people, work can be their primary job to do. Hence, after they accomplished something that they have desired, they would also feel great. As a result, we can say that people work to feel achievement about themselves.

     All in all, many people say that they work because they need money to live. Despite that, people work because they can know how to work together fluently, they want to get respect and honor from other people, and they want to feel achievement about their work. At this point, we can easily know that people work for various reasons. 


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